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The Taian folding Protective Face Mask helps provide respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. The mask is constructed with a five-layer filtration system of nonwoven soft and breathable fiberr for effective protection.

Taian KN95 Micro Particles Nanometer Protective Mask

    • High permeability
    • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) >95%
    • Ear loops: Made of elastic polyester, low elastic yarn and spandex
    • Nose clip: Polyethylene (PE) wrapped thin wires
    • Meets KN95-level requirements (GB2626-2006)
    • FDA registration and CE certified
    • ISO certified
  • Five Layers:

    • Outer layer: Polypropylene (PP) Nonwoven fabric 50-60gsm
    • Middle layer 1: PP Nonwoven fabric 50-60gsm
    • Middle Layer 2: Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) nano-filter material 25gsm
    • Middle Layer 3: Hot air non-woven fabric (ES Fiber) 45gsm
    • Inner layer: PP Nonwoven fabric (skin friendly) 30gsm
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