This non-medical face mask is suitable for respiratory protection that can filter the dust, haze, droplets and other harmful substances in the air. It contains five layers from outside to inside: non-woven fabric 60g+electrostatic cotton

50g+two pieves of melt-blown fabric

25g+non-woven fabric 30g.

Sengtor KN95 Mask

    • Adjustable built-in nose clip, delicate and compact
    • High elastic ear loops, soft and comfortable
    • 3D stereo arc design, breathing more smoothly
    • G82626-2006 standard
    • EUA authorized
    • Passed NPPTL international respirator assessment
    • Test Report issued by TUV NORD, DMT, and SGS
    • Mask Size: 16cm*12cm
    • Box size: 15.5*11.2*20cm
    • Carton Size: 59.5*32.5*42.5cm
    • Packaging: independent bag (1pc/bag), 50pcs/box, 20boxes/carton
    • Gross Weight: 9.26kg